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Friendship Crystal Kit

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Friendship - Crystal Set

Tumble Stone/Raw Set containing Crystals PERFECT to nurture and grow your friendships

 Use this affirmation or the affirmation for each stone

"I attract the energy and presence of exceptional souls who love to be around me"


"I am aligned and in tune with my emotions"

This beautiful stone promotes new beginnings and growth whilst providing protection to the owner. It will help you uncover parts about yourself that you knew so little about all whilst giving you the strength to continue the path of personal growth.



"By letting go of all self-doubt, I can achieve anything I set my mind to"

Known as the lucky hope stone, this beautiful delight brings forth positive outcomes for all your hopes, desires, and dreams. When you are feeling extreme stress, allow the energies of this crystal to bring calmness to your soul. Also known as the stone of Courage, and truth, you will feel empowered to speak your truth with confidence and respect.


Rose Quartz

"I fully embrace allowing my heart to increase capacity to continue filling it with Love, and self-love"

The stone of universal Love. This crystal helps restore trust, and harmony in relationships, assisting in encouraging unconditional love. Rose Quartz helps purify and opens the heart to all levels of love. Use this crystal for Self-Love, to manifest love, Friendship, and feelings of Peace.  Hold it close to your heart and allow yourself to feel the energy of pure love surrounding you in beautiful white light with the intention to heal to find inner peace, and open the Heart Chakra



"I fully embrace my confidence, courage and self-worth and welcome success into my life"

A beautiful yellow crystal that energizes every level of life. This delight will attract wealth, prosperity, and success as well as protection, confidence, and stability. Allow yourself to feel the levels of energy Citrine has to offer and open your heart, mind, and soul to the enjoyment of life. Let go of all negativity and self-doubt and prepare yourself for spiritual growth