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Assorted Crystal Chips - 100g

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Assorted Crystal Chips - 100g


These babies are perfect for using in essential oils, candle marking, putting them into little vials or simply pouring into a selenite bowl. These are 100g bags and come in the following crystals;

Smokey Quartz

The stone of grounding. Allowing yourself to feel at one with the universe. This stone will assist in making logical decisions and keeping you on track by re-tuning your emotions and helping you notice the beauty of the world surrounding you. Allow this stone to link you to its energies and release the ability to help you move forward from painful memories from the past. Allow the windows of your heart and soul to open and flood through the light of positivity and strength


Black Tourmaline

Known to be used frequently with meditation, this black beauty carries a powerful and strong energy against negativity and assists in clearing, cleansing and unlocking any blockages to allow positive energy to flow freely into your home, body and soul



This stone will help in purifying your aura and connect your higher being with the energy of light. Labradorite assists in cleaning and opening all your chakras, while bringing you much closer to discovering your destiny. Allow it to help with achieving your goals, and your wildest dreams


Clear Quartz

The master healer of all stones, this delight will amplify energy and thought as well as increase the effects of other stones. This stone will blow away cloudy thoughts and make things clearer. It will teach you to be patient and learn to focus. Look at life from a new perspective one that stems from positivity and light.


The stone of protection, intuition and cleansing. Known to help bring peace, stability and calmness in a stressful world. This stone helps balance mood swings, dispels anger and rage and any anxiety you may carry in your heart and mind.
Amethyst influences spiritual awareness and allows for a clearer intuition. It vibrates a beautiful energy which will help cultivate tranquillity
The crystal of action - this baby will help you overcome procrastination and indecisiveness and assist you in grounding and anchoring you in the present reality. It is an amazing stone to restore motivation, vitality and for stimulating creativity. This beauty also has the ability to cleanse other stones, and is used as a healing stone to heal the body, mind and soul