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Clear Quartz Geodes - Break your own! - Small

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I am a radiant being filled with all frequencies of light within the universe

The master healer of all stones, this delight will amplify energy and thought as well as increase the effects of other stones. This stone will blow away cloudy thoughts and make things clearer. It will teach you to be patient and learn to focus. Look at life from a new perspective one that stems from positivity and light.

Gorgeous geode perfect to gift one half to a lover, friend or family or keep both for yourself

This baby has not been broken yet - we're letting you do that! Use a hammer(EVER so gently) or a rough corner surface with care!

We recommend cleansing your crystal once you receive it to clean the aura as crystals are known to hold energies. You can use one of the methods on our Crystal Care page

Please note - this stone is extremely delicate - handle this magical gift with care.

Each stone and crystal are natural and unique in size, shape and colour. They may come with small imperfections as part of their natural beauty.

the stone you receive will be similar to the image - but not the same