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Crystal Types 🎔

Let's Talk Crystal Types!


Double Terminated

Known to have energy flow in both directions of the points. It also helps absorb and emits energy by transforming negative into positive.

Generators & Points

Also known as the Tower, this type concentrates and directs energy and helps amplify our intentions, and energy. This type works on all levels whether it be emotional, mental, physical & spiritual. Crystal Generators & Points are a pillar of light, allow it to radiate pure light throughout the space it’s in.


Talk about all the many points, this helps with radiating positive energies throughout the space. Known to absorb and neutralize negative energies from any environment it is a highly popular crystal type. Also great to help cleanse and charge other crystals overnight.


Or even  known as rough crystals, These are strong untarnished stones that have open energy that is sporadic and powerful. These are the most sacred of stones as they are untouched and left in its natural beautiful form. One of my favourites!

Tumble Stone

This is the most common type and shape of crystals available and a great place to start if you're unfamiliar with the Crystal world. These are small cuts of stone that are tumble polished to give them a nice smooth and shiny surface. Keep this one close to always carry positive energy with you.


These beauties both anchor and direct energies. As a pyramid has 4 triangular sides and a square base it assists in stabilizing the energies of Mother Earth all while enhancing and projecting the well needed energies. Perfect for use to amplify your intentions, protect your loved ones and balancing your Chakras.


Also known as a Crystal Ball, this stone is cut and polished to be perfectly round. The shape of the crystal allows the stone to radiate energy smoothly, and evenly into all directions. Known to slow down harmful, and negative energies, this shape is connected to Mother Earth and all other planets. Use this for harmony, bring in protection and grounded energy into your home.



Crystal hearts represent exactly what the shape reminds you of. Love. This type of shape can be used in healing work with your Heart Chakra and can be carried around with you. This type will also help attract love or a new relationship, as well as help heal the emotional wounds and the heart.


General Rules of Crystals


If the crystal is smooth and rounded, the energy will be calmer and more balanced.
If the crystal contains any points, or is not considered smooth, the energy will flow towards the direction of its points.
And always remember, the size of the crystal does NOT dictate the strength and abilities of its energy!