Crystal Dictionary 🎔

Learn all about the different types of Crystals Mother Earth gifts to us, each with an affirmation x



By letting go of all self-doubt, I can achieve anything I set my mind to

Known as the lucky hope stone, this beautiful delight brings forth positive outcomes for all your hopes, desires, and dreams. When you are feeling extreme stress, allow the energies of this crystal to bring calmness to your soul. Also known as the stone of Courage, and truth, you will feel empowered to speak your truth with confidence and respect.




I allow myself to completely release all attachments and allow my soul to rest in the truth

The stone of protection, intuition, and cleansing. Known to help bring peace, stability, and calmness in a stressful world. This stone helps balance mood swings, dispels anger and rage and any anxiety you may carry in your heart and mind. Amethyst influences spiritual awareness and allows for a clearer intuition. It vibrates a beautiful energy which will help cultivate tranquillity.




I am flooded with protective light from my angels

The stone of Peace and Unity, this stone is perfect for heightened awareness. It is known to facilitate contact with Angels, hence the Angel in Angelite. The Blue beauty can also assist with relieving stress, tension, and any negative emotions to make room for forgiveness and stimulate any healing required internally.


Amethyst Smoky Quartz

Ame Smok

I will become all I am meant to be knowing that I will be protected every single step of the journey

Two stones perfectly combined. Amethyst and Smoky Quartz. The more dominant stone will hold the properties and in this case it’s the beautiful Amethyst. Balance is created with the energies from both stones. This combination will bring forth not just protection but will help detoxify or cleanse your both and soul. Both works perfectly to shield all the negative aura’s and assist in removing and preventing the energies from returning.    


Angel Aura Quartz

Angel Aura

I embrace and welcome my connection with the divine

This gorgeous stone enhances communication with your higher being and other realms. Known to attract luck and success to the holder it will also assist in enhancing intuition and tap into your psychic abilities. Helps relieve stress and bring peace and tranquillity into your life


Abalone Shell


I am connected with the beauty of the sea

This ocean delight brings strong healing energies while surrounding you with the feeling of soothing peace. A must have for any water baby as it will allow you to feel connected with the ocean while you remain on land




My heart is aligned with universal love, my soul with my higher spirit

This gorgeous stone allows the owner to express themselves openly by encouraging calmness and honesty. Best to use during highly emotional times when you feel completely overwhelmed the calming energy of this stone will bring forth clear thinking and connection to your higher self to let go of the negative energy




By letting go of all the negativity, I free my mind and allow myself to truly experience all the beauty the universe has to offer

Known as the marriage stone, this beauty promotes truth & honesty in the relationship between two souls. Astrophyllite also assists in balancing and sorting out every chakra in the human body. It promotes light to every dark part of ourselves to really understand the negative emotions we feel & guide them out of your mind, body & soul.




I open myself to endless opportunities, new possibilities, and beautiful connections

The stone of vision, this stone carries a pure energy used to enhance the spiritual connection and for anyone on the path of seeking truth. This blue beauty will help balance your emotions and allow you to feel and hear messages from your higher self




I am fearless and will withstand any negative energies that surround me

The stone of Courage. This can be used to help you speak your feelings and thoughts without any hesitation or fear. You are protected and surrounded by pure energy that will allow negativity to flow away and promote serenity while releasing anxiety and depressive thoughts.



I feel strong and protected. Nothing can hurt me as I continue to be surrounded by love & light

Agate is an exceptional stone for aiding in rebalancing and harmonising the body, mind and spirit.  It purifies and soothes the aura, purging and transforming negativity.  Agate assists with enhancing mental functionality, helps improve concentration, and perception abilities.  It relaxes and calms, healing inner anger or tension and creates a sense of confidence and protection.

Blue Kyanite

 Blue Kyanite

I welcome into my life positive changes as I align with the divine

A powerful stone that works closely with the Third Eye Chakra to release the power of your intuitive abilities and connect you with the higher spiritual realm. The energies of this stone will provide insight, and truth for difficult situations you may find yourself in. Use this stone daily to inspire clarity and bring focus to the important things in your life. This works perfectly during meditation


Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite

I open my mind up to endless inspirations

The stone of inspiration. This blue beauty will bring forth creativity, motivation, and personal power within. You will feel inspired to achieve that goal you have always set in mind. Let all confusion, negativity clear away and allow your mind to be stimulated with the power to expand knowledge and truth. Use this stone to cleanse the aura and allow your heart, mind, and body to welcome personal growth


 Blue Aventurine

The past has no power over me. I am in control of my today, tomorrow & my forever

Blue Aventurine fuses the elements of Wind and Water in a soothing stone that vibrates from the mind to the heart, working calmly, wisely, and progressively. Known as the stone of self-discipline and inner strength, this blue beauty will assist you in making clear decisions & sticking by them. It promotes taking full responsibility for your life, including relationships & experiences, while providing the support you need to encourage transformation when the current reality isn’t working.


Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

I am and will be protected on all levels in this universe

Known to be used frequently with meditation, this black beauty carries a powerful and strong energy against negativity and assists in clearing, cleansing, and unlocking any blockages to allow positive energy to flow freely into your home, body, and soul


Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate

I speak my truth with integrity, faith, and no fear.

The stone of Communication. This blue beauty will help boost your ability to communicate those thoughts and feelings you receive from your higher self. It will assist with bringing your mind calmness and absolute peace. You can also use it as an emotional healing stone as it’s a soothing and nurturing soul.


Blue Goldstone

I trust the universe to guide me through the darkness into the light by providing the strength and courage I need to overcome any challenges

The stone of ambition - this starry delight builds the courage, and strength one requires and illuminates positive energy. Possess the power of this stone to boost confidence and levels of stamina & drive to beat any challenge you face

Blue Obsidian

Blue Obsidian

I embrace the most loving and healthy relationship with myself.

Blue just like the ocean this beautiful stone is excellent for protection and to ground you. Works perfectly to stimulate your vision during your meditation session. This beauty will help enhance all forms of communication and enhance creativity.


Blue Sodalite


I am confident to speak the truth with my head held high

The stone of Idealism and Truth. This blue beauty will aid in communication and help develop your intuition even more. This has the perfect energy to help in stimulating your creative abilities and give you the confidence to live up to your ideals


Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite

My emotions are calm and serene. I freely express my inner voice with clarity and truth

The stone of comfort. One of the most relaxing stones, this delight will help by bringing in the sweet serenity of peace, and calm to your mind and surroundings. It helps with easing those pesky nerves and can provide that much needed relief after moments of stress. This stone also enhances your intuition and deeply encourages peaceful communication with others.


Black Quartz

Black Q

My mind, body and soul are protected and flooded with light and positive energy

This black beauty will assist in keeping you away from any harm, on both physical and spiritual level. A stone known to cleanse and purify the body and soul, including the environment you are in. Black Quartz works best at removing negative energy and replacing them with more positive ones. It will help give you the support you need with any changes that fill you with fear, anxiety or worry. Allow it to infuse you with the courage and confidence to overcome any hurdle.


Black Obsidian

Black Ob

Clear and protected, my aura is clean as I vibrate at my highest frequency

Powerful protection stone, this beauty protects and cleanses your space of any unwelcome negative energies and remove any stagnant emotions that may stand in the way of your personal growth. This stone can also be used for grounding.



I welcome and accept any challenge life throws my way - knowing I have the innermost power to overcome every one of them

A powerful healing stone - Bloodstone is used to remove negative and stagnant energy that is blocked. It can assist in bringing comfort and peace by easing the effects of trauma & by bringing closure to emotional situations. A great healer in both physical & emotional planes.


I can and will conquer whatever is in front of me. I have the confidence and power to overcome any obstacle or challenge

Carnelian carries the vibration of innovation to help you deliver your mind to new projects. This stone brings upon a spark to put things in action so that they can come to fruition. Carnelian is also a good stone to help you dive further into your emotions through a variety of creative outlets.  It will remind you to give yourself the time and patience to create and the courage you need to take the action to make it happen. This stone also helps you embrace the emotions and feelings of past challenges, accept them, and move on.




I fully embrace my confidence, courage and self-worth and welcome success into my life

A beautiful yellow crystal that energizes every level of life. This delight will attract wealth, prosperity, and success as well as protection, confidence, and stability. Allow yourself to feel the levels of energy Citrine has to offer and open your heart, mind, and soul to the enjoyment of life. Let go of all negativity and self-doubt and prepare yourself for spiritual growth



I am at ease knowing my angels surround me by guiding & protecting me from anything that may cause harm

The Angel stone. This beautiful blue creation invites Angels into your space and assists in fostering open communication on a higher level. Use this to communicate with your guardian angel, and know you are always surrounded by love, and light


Clear Quartz

Clear Q

I am a radiant being filled with all frequencies of light within the universe

The master healer of all stones, this delight will amplify energy and thought as well as increase the effects of other stones. This stone will blow away cloudy thoughts and make things clearer. It will teach you to be patient and learn to focus. Look at life from a new perspective one that stems from positivity and light.


Cherry Blossom Agate (Flower Agate)

Flower Agate

I am who I have been waiting for

This beautiful stone is a recent discovery in Madagascar. It has a gentle and nourishing energy that makes you feel like you’re in a field full of Cherry Blossom Trees. It helps us envision process of growth involving honouring, accepting, and appreciating each part of this beautiful process. It assists with reaching our highest potential and unlocks the inspiration to manifest and nature our dreams. Live life to the fullest with this gorgeous stone.




I am confident to speak the truth with my head held high

The Earth Stone – Literally looking at its gorgeous features reminds you of Mother Earth. A peaceful gem that will help empower you to express the uttermost divine feminine within you. It supports you to speak the wisdom hidden within the deepest part of you. Allow this beauty to teach and transform you into your highest level of spirituality.      


Chevron Amethyst

Chevron Amethyst

I radiate positive energy within myself and my surroundings.

This stone combines the powerful healing properties of Amethyst and Clear Quartz into one. Assists with balancing the mind and leads the way to higher consciousness. Use it to strengthen your intuition and open the way for positive vibrations to clear your space of any negative energies


Desert Rose


I am confident in who I am and know my self-worth

Known as the lucky stone, this delight is a combination of Selenite & Barite. Desert Rose can give you clarity of mind, as well as help you make a sense of things in this crazy universe. It will help guide you to your higher self through connection when meditating. Allow it to enhance your dreams and restore the balance you may have lost.


Dalmatian Jasper


I embrace positivity and welcome happiness with open arms

This stone can be used to break down those walls you have built around yourself and help you move forward. It promotes happiness, positivity and brings forth good luck. It is also a protective stone that will make you feel more balanced as it works to remove any negative energy from your body


Dendritic Agate

I invite and allow abundance into all areas of my life

Known as the stone of Plenitude, this beauty allows you to openly receive abundance to every part of your life. It encourage you to express enjoyment in every aspect of every moment.




I am motivated, ready, and prepared to learn

The stone of patience. This one is very beneficial to those who need that extra push for motivation to learn and retain information. This delight will assist in increasing your willpower and nudge you to take control of your life.


Emma Egg (Seer Stone)


Something amazing is about to happen

Also known as the Seer Stone, or Dreamers Stone. The frosted outside with a polished flat side is a “window” that reveals a world of deepness and wonder to the crystal inside. You can use these stones however you wish. A good start is to sit, and gaze into the window and meditate. Meditate on your future, and what you help to bring forth in your life.




I am open and ready to receive the gifts of life

The stone of infinite patience and inspiration. This green beauty promotes positive energy to all forms of relationships and is known to provide contentment and uttermost loyalty. It embodies compassion and unconditional love


Green Calcite

Green Cal

My Heart, Mind & Soul are united in calm and peace.

This green delight radiates a calming aura and removes and stagnant energy that just won’t go away. Helping by removing blockages you might have, this beautiful stone falls into the Heart chakra family. It also helps to dissolve those pesky old energy patterns and assists in creating beneficial change in your life


Green Aventurine

Green Aven

I am ready to make the most of today and every day ahead

This stone comforts, harmonizes and protects your heart and can also help attract love into your life. It is known to appeal luck, abundance, and success. This green delight can also assist with working through any unresolved emotional issues that may linger in your life.


Gyrasol Opalite


I am peace, I am tranquility. I am all things pure

Known to promote inner peace, this stone assist in balancing the emotions and brings any unconscious thoughts hidden away to the surface. Use this to also assist in dissolving tension in your life and bring forth clarity


Howlite (White)

White How

I feel peace & calm as I ease into the night. My heart is open to receiving all things magical and beautiful that tomorrow may bring

Howlite – The calming stone. This beautiful creation of the earth increases the awareness of any goals & ambitions you may have and help motivate you to achieve them. This white delight also assists in relieving stress and anxiety and aids in creating a feeling of true purpose. It will teach you patience and bring forth calm communication. Howlite is believed to help control negative impulses, and develop a positive outlook on life


Howlite (Blue)

Blue How

I am calm and patient. Nothing can harm me unless I allow it to

This blue stone has the ability to calm your emotions and reduce any feelings of negative imbalance. It is also known to absorb any anger that may be directed at you. The soothing energy of this stone can assist in reducing anxiety and tension and is perfect to use during meditation




I release all outer influences and fill my heart with divine love

A rare, and beautiful stone that awakens us to the energies of universal Love. The vibrations of this stone match the loving energy of the divine and helps encourage you to release heavy emotions that wear you down and promote confidence in your being. Use this stone to listen to the words of your heart and do things that make you happy.




Every breath I inhale brings me calm, and with every breathe I exhale out anxiety and tension

The stone of Beauty. This gorgeous thing brings upon the most tranquil, peaceful, and calming energies. One of my favourite stones to keep close to assist with the feelings of anxiety. This stone helps centre you during times of stress and negative times.


Lapis Lazuli


I see clearly, and can speak with confidence and respect

Known as the stone of inspiration this highly sought-after blue delight enhances truth and wisdom within an individual. This stone promotes self-awareness and protects you against negative energies. Use it to assist in clearing emotional baggage and dispel negative thoughts




I trust that I can manifest anything I desire as I have faith and belief in my inner magic

This stone assists in purifying energies within you and around you whilst surrounding you in pure energy of light. It will assist in realizing your purpose and confidence to achieve all of your dreams and unlocking the door to your destiny


Moss Agate


I am safe and secure within my life. I have the confidence to take risks where I know I am right

This stone is known for its inner guidance by providing protection and healing to its owner. You can use this type of agate to protect against negative energy attacks, and any worries you have lingering in your mind.




Fear will never back me into a corner. I am surrounded and protected by love

This stone is a very powerful stone for protection against negative energy attacks. It will encourage you to take risks you never ever dreamed of before by unblocking your spiritual growth and giving you confidence to enhance your will power


Mangano Calcite


I am in tune with my emotional self. I will provide love & allow love to come into my heart

This beautiful stone is one of the heart chakra stones that is connected to the higher realm. A very powerful healing stone, allow this to increase self confidence within yourself, and allow your heart to expand with more compassion for others. Let this stone bring peace and tranquillity into your life


Orange Calcite


I am in power of creating the world I want

The energizing stone that balances the emotions and assisting in overcoming depressive thoughts. This Orange delight will help get the positive energy moving through your body radiating in creativity. It helps promote courage and confidence to tackle anything you might fear by taking that element away


Ocean Jasper

I release all negative thoughts from my mind, by infusing my life with the purest love of all

Known as the happy stone, this delight is one to carry with you everywhere! It takes away that dreaded cloud of negativity and puts positive thoughts like a ray of sunshine covering your entire being. It releases any thoughts of self-destructive behaviour and allows you to love YOU.


Pink Tourmaline

pink tour

I allow my heart and soul to love myself and others completely and unconditionally without fault

The stone of Self-Love. This beauty will allow you to find unconditional love within yourself. Once you release this energy into the universe, only then can you truly love another. It carries an energy that resonates and encourages a positive attitude. It strengthens bonds between friends, and lovers.


Peacock Ore


I hold the greatest power and wisdom within my soul, and my entire being

The stone of joy, appreciation, and acceptance of all. This beautiful creation of the earth is thought to heal the chakras and open the mind to endless creativity and clarity. This stone is perfect for battling and removing negative energy and replacing it with strong positive light. It will allow you to see the positives in every situation, good and bad. Use this stone during meditation to become more in tune and aligned with the universe and increase your inner intuition


Pyrite (Fools Gold)


I am full of abundance in luck

The stone of luck. Also known as Fool’s Gold, this beauty is known for good luck, and money. It is known to be quite powerful in manifesting wealth and prosperity. It will help with taking any action with the uttermost confidence and supports your inner warrior.


Pink Opal

pink op

I am prepared and ready to begin the journey to heal my heart

A powerful stone to fill your aura with peace and utmost tranquillity. This stone is best to absorb the energies for emotional healing, find emotional balance and enhance compassion. Allow this pink beauty to bring love, and light into your life.


Pink Rhodonite

pink rho

I am living the life I was destined to live

This stone helps with encouraging its owner to go on a path to fulfil their destiny. Known to be energized with unconditional spiritual love it can assist with feeling love all around. It helps with bringing forth a powerful healing property by vibrating energies for emotional healing, compassion and to help with releasing any fears one might have.


Rose Quartz


I fully embrace allowing my heart to increase capacity to continue filling it with Love, and self-love

The stone of universal Love. This crystal helps restore trust, and harmony in relationships, assisting in encouraging unconditional love. Rose Quartz helps purify and opens the heart to all levels of love. Use this crystal for Self-Love, to manifest love, Friendship, and feelings of Peace.  Hold it close to your heart and allow yourself to feel the energy of pure love surrounding you in beautiful white light with the intention to heal to find inner peace, and open the Heart Chakra


Ruby in Fuchsite


I am all things love, health and balanced in every way. I am blessed with all things beautiful

This beautiful infused stone with both Ruby and Fuchsite vibrates with the energy of a spiritually aligned romantic life. Helping with attracting the perfect life partner, allow yourself to open your sacred heart. This stone will allow you to remember that you are capable of receiving and giving love.


Rainbow Fluorite


I am completely free of all the negative energies that surround me

A beautiful stone with a multitude of delightful shades. This is a highly protective and stabilizing stone that is quite good for grounding and soothing your spiritual energy. Fluorite increases your intuitive abilities and helps develop connection to the higher spirits. This beauty also maintains uttermost balance between positive and negative thoughts of your mind to allow you to experience that feeling of inner peace.


Rainbow Hematite

rainbow hema

I am connected and a part of the divine plan of the universe

A stone that resolves negative energy in all its forms, this beauty calms the craziness of the mind, and instils inner peace at its deepest form. Use this stone to boost your confidence, and self-worth because you are deserving of it.


Rainbow Moonstone


I am aligned and in tune with my emotions

This beautiful stone promotes new beginnings and growth whilst providing protection to the owner. It will help you uncover parts about yourself that you knew so little about all whilst giving you the strength to continue the path of personal growth.




I cherish myself, and those around me. I open the deepest parts of my heart to love and welcome all forms

The stone of the heart. One of the most beautiful and purest energies to keep close to you. It is said to attract love and romance into the owner’s life, and empowers you to come face to face with past issues and heal from the trauma




I am the creator of all positive energy into my life

This red delight is considered a symbol of love. It amplifies positive energies and protects your spirit and soul from negative psychic attacks. Use this stone to promote pure energy and assist you in thriving in all areas of your life




I am supported & connected to every realm this beautiful universe has to offer

This gorgeous stone embodies & channels the deepest of inner wisdoms & spiritual guidance. Scolecite assists in restoring peace within and letting go of stress. Let this beauty bring you calm by providing a passage to a good night's sleep.


Smokey Quartz


I am supported by the universe to manifest my dreams and stay determined

The stone of grounding. Allowing yourself to feel at one with the universe. This stone will assist in making logical decisions and keeping you on track by re-tuning your emotions and helping you notice the beauty of the world surrounding you. Allow this stone to link you to its energies and release the ability to help you move forward from painful memories from the past. Allow the windows of your heart and soul to open and flood through the light of positivity and strength


Snowflake Obsidian


I allow my mind body and soul to feel absolute pureness and feel balanced. I am beaming with serenity

This speckled stone will help bring balance to your mind, body, and soul. The energies of this stone will help keep you focused, and centered in the chaotic world we live in. Carry this with you to remove negativity and assist with the courage to gain personal growth. Learn to forgive and let go of past mistakes with this stone and overcome any lingering energy of regret. Use this stone to help release any unnecessary thoughts and regrets.


Strawberry Quartz


I invite love into my heart, soul and mind and allow it to consume me

Known as a Talismanic stone, it can protect you from dangers, pain, and mistakes. The sacred stone of joy that will enlighten you and fill your precious heart up with love. It will emulate happiness and that exhilarating rush in your life.




I call in inner peace to my heart, soul & mind

The stone of connection. This beauty has the ability to unblock stagnant energy and remove negative energy. The best part about this gorgeous stone is that it can be used to cleanse and recharge other crystals that is placed upon it.



My life is overflowing with light, kindness & happiness. I am thankful for the abundance that is brought to me.

 Sunstone is associated with luck and good fortune. This delight assists in clearing and energising all your chakras.  Sunstone instils good nature, heightens your intuition and allows your real self to shine through contentedly without fear of judgement. Sunstone expedites self-empowerment and independence.  Perfect to carry with you at all times


Tree Agate

Tree A

I am nourished and loved by Mother Earth and life itself

This stone is excellent to use as a personal talisman. It will give you the courage and power to face and handle anything that comes your way. Allow the Tree Agate to calm your nerves and relax your body. It will help you achieve that balance and much needed stability in all aspects of your life 


Tiger’s Eye (Yellow)

Tiger yellow

I am filled with uttermost warmth and light

Courage, strength. These are the words that come to mind with this powerful stone. Allow it to give you the courage to aid in personal growth and unleash your power. This stone will help you stay grounded when the world is against you and ease in times of stress.


Tigers Eye (Red)


I am confident, courageous, and powerful

Helps with enhancing self-esteem, and confidence in times you need it the most. This stone will help provide motivation to kick ass and help in restoring energy levels to anyone who needs that extra boost.


Tourmalinated Quartz


My mind, body and soul are full of free-flowing positive energy as I continue to be surrounded by white light

A beautiful yet powerful combination of Clear Quartz & Black Tourmaline. This deflects all types of negative energy surrounding you and unlocks the blockages in the body to allow energy to flow freely. Use this as an even more powerful good luck charm.




I let go of anything that no longer serves me to make room for greater things with meaning

The purification stone. Use this delight to cleanse your space of anything that no longer serves you. It will assist in dispelling negative energy and help balance and align the chakras all while instilling peace and calm into your heart and soul




I have the power to transform any actions that come from within from a place of love and light

A powerful healing stone to assist with healing emotions that lead to any physical symptoms within the body. It will allow you to face head on any emotional issues that surround you with negativity and close the chapters from a place of love.


Yellow Calcite


I allow myself to activate my inner power by honoring and beginning to feel the flow of life

The shade of the sun, this stone will bring light into the darkest corners. The energies will increase self-esteem and aid with overcoming the hardest of sorrows. Use this crystal in difficult times and situations to give you strength, and increase the healing processes of any emotional wounds that remain open


Zebra Jasper


I am forever optimistic, calm and find balance within my life

A grounding stone, this zebra patterned delight will motivate you to overcome apathy and turn your ideas into reality. This beauty will give you the courage you need in taking the step to deal with your issues and give you the strength and determination to start any projects right through to completion.