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Beginners Crystal Kit

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Beginners - Crystal Set

Tumble Stone Set containing Crystals PERFECT to start off your crystal collection

Use this affirmation or each individual manifest for each stone

"I am powerful. I am strong. I create my own magic by allowing the universe to guide my heart"



"I allow myself to completely release all attachments and allow my soul to rest in the truth"

The stone of protection, intuition, and cleansing. Known to help bring peace, stability, and calmness in a stressful world. This stone helps balance mood swings, dispels anger and rage and any anxiety you may carry in your heart and mind. Amethyst influences spiritual awareness and allows for a clearer intuition. It vibrates a beautiful energy which will help cultivate tranquillity.


Clear Quartz

"I am a radiant being filled with all frequencies of light within the universe"

The master healer of all stones, this delight will amplify energy and thought as well as increase the effects of other stones. This stone will blow away cloudy thoughts and make things clearer. It will teach you to be patient and learn to focus. Look at life from a new perspective one that stems from positivity and light.


Rose Quartz

"I fully embrace allowing my heart to increase capacity to continue filling it with Love, and self-love"

The stone of universal Love. This crystal helps restore trust, and harmony in relationships, assisting in encouraging unconditional love. Rose Quartz helps purify and opens the heart to all levels of love. Use this crystal for Self-Love, to manifest love, Friendship, and feelings of Peace.  Hold it close to your heart and allow yourself to feel the energy of pure love surrounding you in beautiful white light with the intention to heal to find inner peace, and open the Heart Chakra



"I fully embrace my confidence, courage and self-worth and welcome success into my life"

A beautiful yellow crystal that energizes every level of life. This delight will attract wealth, prosperity, and success as well as protection, confidence, and stability. Allow yourself to feel the levels of energy Citrine has to offer and open your heart, mind, and soul to the enjoyment of life. Let go of all negativity and self-doubt and prepare yourself for spiritual growth