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Self Love Crystal Kit

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Self Love - Crystal Set

Tumble Stone & Raw Set containing Crystals that evoke Love

Use this affirmation or the affirmation for each stone

"I am enough. I am protected. I am love and I am love. I am unique and there is no one else like me"

Pink Rhondonite

"I am living the life I was destined to live"

This stone helps with encouraging its owner to go on a path to fulfill their destiny. Known to be energized with unconditional spiritual love it can assist with feeling love all around. It helps with bringing forth a powerful healing property by vibrating energies for emotional healing, compassion and to help with releasing any fears one might have.


Rose Quartz

"I fully embrace allowing my heart to increase capacity to continue filling it with Love, and self-love"

The stone of universal Love. This crystal helps restore trust, and harmony in relationships, assisting in encouraging unconditional love. Rose Quartz helps purify and opens the heart to all levels of love. Use this crystal for Self-Love, to manifest love, Friendship, and feelings of Peace.  Hold it close to your heart and allow yourself to feel the energy of pure love surrounding you in beautiful white light with the intention to heal to find inner peace, and open the Heart Chakra


Pink Tourmaline

"I allow my heart and soul to love myself and others completely and unconditionally without fault"

The stone of Self-Love. This beauty will allow you to find unconditional love within yourself. Once you release this energy into the universe, only then can you truly love another. It carries an energy that resonates and encourages a positive attitude. It strengthens bonds between friends, and lovers.