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Calm & Relax Crystal Kit

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Calm & Relax - Crystal Set

Tumble Stone & Raw Set containing Crystals that bring upon calmness and relaxation

Use this affirmation or the affirmations for each stone

"I allow all negative emotions to quickly and quietly evaporate. I am at uttermost peace with my life and everyone in it"


"I allow myself to completely release all attachments and allow my soul to rest in the truth"

The stone of protection, intuition, and cleansing. Known to help bring peace, stability, and calmness in a stressful world. This stone helps balance mood swings, dispels anger and rage and any anxiety you may carry in your heart and mind. Amethyst influences spiritual awareness and allows for a clearer intuition. It vibrates a beautiful energy which will help cultivate tranquillity.


Blue Calcite

"My emotions are calm and serene. I freely express my inner voice with clarity and truth"

The stone of comfort. One of the most relaxing stones, this delight will help by bringing in the sweet serenity of peace, and calm to your mind and surroundings. It helps with easing those pesky nerves and can provide that much needed relief after moments of stress. This stone also enhances your intuition and deeply encourages peaceful communication with others.


Desert Rose

"I am confident in who I am and know my self-worth"

Known as the lucky stone, this delight is a combination of Selenite & Barite. Desert Rose can give you clarity of mind, as well as help you make a sense of things in this crazy universe. It will help guide you to your higher self through connection when meditating. Allow it to enhance your dreams and restore the balance you may have lost.